Retirement Planning

The most important goal of investment planning is your “Retirement”. You consider rest all financial goals like sponsoring children higher education, daughter’s marriage, buying house or maybe some foreign tours with family but retirement planning is mostly considered last in the list.

One should start retirement planning as soon as he / she starts earning but usually it does not happen so. If you start early, you need really need less funds to create big corpus for retirement.

Example, If you start SIP of justRs 5,000 for 30 years you may create huge corpus of RS 3 crore 50 lakhs approx.

It’s done in two phases pre-retirement which is few years before your retirement & post retirement that considers the phase after your retirement.

Pre-retirement - But we usually start planning for retirement by 50s when you get 10 years for same& with less risk appetite you have to invest much more to create good amount of corpus. This phase of life is such where your earlier investments start giving you returns. Also your most of the goals are met. Hence you have to focus on retirement planning as it’s high time to consider for. We have special plans for pre-retirement which help you create adequate retirement corpus.

Post-retirement - On retirement you get a lump sum amount as retirement fund and you are confused where to invest it, as now security, liquidity & safety is most important. The monthly salary would be stopped. So for you,“Monthly income” becomes the main priority with any retirement investment instrument.

We use “Three Bucket Approach” to ensure liquidity & security, growth & multiplication too. The strategy also includes options like SWP to ensure monthly expenses & create corpus at the end of the term in long term investments.

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